Elephant and Castle Social Centre 19 Jun 2015 — 23 Jul 2015
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Elephant and Castle Social Centre

Elephant and Castle Social Centre. Image rights: Squat Net. The pub, closed due to having its license revoked earlier in the year, was squatted for 4 weeks of summer 2015. The building is now listed as an Asset of Community Value, requiring a planning application for any change of use. The site reopened as a [...]


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Elefest is special because it celebrates one of the most maligned and misunderstood areas of London, we created Elefest to celebrate the cultural and creative diversity of the area and the people who live in it. – Rob Wray, director Elefest A free festival which has been held annually since 2003, based in multiple [...]

Walking The Rip-off

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Walking The Rip-Off, 29th April 2012. Southwark Notes Archive Group. Southwark Notes welcomes you again for a lovely walk round the sites of the slow but steady gentrification of the local area. With a local estate in perfect condition now empty and a bunch of tall towers planned, come and hear the [...]

Resourceful City: An Exploration from Elephant and Castle to St George’s Circus

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Our studio exploration in 2013-14 was based between the Elephant & Castle and St. George’s Circus in south London. Within this historic stretch are a host of territories and interests, including a recently vacated and demolished, large-scale social housing estate called the Heygate Estate, the London College of Communication and London South Bank University, [...]


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A short film by collaborators David Reeve and Patrick Steel, 'Doreen' was shown at the Open City Docs Festival in London in 2012. It is a portrait of Doreen Gibbs, a resident on Heygate Estate, in 2012 shortly after notice was given by Southwark Council of the compulsory purchase order on her home. The film was [...]

Larry and Janet Move Out

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Still, Larry And Janet Move Out_credit- caption-Larry And Janet Move Out. A film from collaborators David Reeve and Patrick Steel, 'Larry and Janet Move Out'. The film chronicles the fallout of Southwark Council's Compulsory Purchase Order and the relocation of its tenants from Heygate Estate from the personal perspective of a couple who have lived [...]

Activating Social Movement Histories

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An event bringing together three key activist archive organisations from London and New York. The evening was held at London College of Communication organised by research unit the Design Activism Research Hub (DARH). Interference Archive, from New York, presented their work followed by a discussion with archivists from 56a Infoshop and the Feminist [...]

See Red Women’s Workshop

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'Bite The Hand That "Feeds" You". See Red Women's Workshop. See Red Women's Workshop was a feminist print collective based at Illife Yard, Walworth, from 1974 to 1990. The group assembled in protest against the dominant visual imagery of women as portrayed in the media and advertising. See Red produced predominantly silk-screened posters and focused on [...]

Heygate Estate Resident Displacement Maps

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Heygate Estate Leaseholder Displacement Map. Two maps showing the tenant and the leaseholder displacement from Heygate Estate from 2010 - 2013. Tangents connect residents former address SE17 to their new place of domicile. These maps have been used as key evidence across many media and comment outlets to demonstrate the reality facing residents relocating far from their [...]

Ghost Town

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We invite you to discover it by taking in its walkways and explore its environment through videos and 360 panoramic photos. Enter one of the boarded up building to visits its homes, look at an interactive video to meet its former residents and those who are planning its future, discover how life used to [...]