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Schoolgirl from English Martyr R.C. School Jun 1996 — Apr 2012
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Faraday Monument Blue Peter Lighting Scheme

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A nation-wide competition for improving a public space launched by Blue Peter in 1996. The award-winning entry was the submission of a schoolgirl from English Martyr R.C. Primary School, Walworth, to adorn the Michael Faraday Memorial at the centre of Elephant Roundabout with coloured lights. A lighting scheme was installed to illuminate the four-faces of the concave [...]

Cuming: A Natural Selection

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Exhibition image, Cuming: A Natural Selection. Image credits: Peckham Platform/the artist. In summer of 2015, artist Janetka Platun collaborated with the Cuming Museum, Peckham Platform and local women's groups and families to create work inspired by the Cuming Museum's collection and by the fire which forced it to close in May 2013. Janetka worked [...]

Concrete Heart Land

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Our film charts the struggles of the local community to keep their homes, stay living in the area, and maintain communal benefits in the face of extreme development pressures. Throughout the film we hear the community engaging in some of the crucial battles with elected officials, planners and barristers, in municipal planning meetings, public [...]

Elefest 2013

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Elefest has been an ongoing event since 2003, bringing together films, music and people over several days in and around Elephant and Castle. 2013 events included the only UK screening of the restored Jamaican cult film The Harder They Come with a DJ set by Don Letts, pop-up market by TheStockMKT, pop-up ping pong in the Shopping Centre, the UK [...]

Heygate Pop-up Cinema

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Heygate pop-up cinema opening night, 25 September 2015. Heygate Pop-up Cinema's opening night screened the short film Doreen by filmmaking duo David Reeve and Patrick Steel as well as a preview segment of Reeve and Steel's feature-length documentary, Larry & Janet Move Out. Both films focus on close-up character portraits of residents of the estate, at [...]

Camberwell Free Library

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Camberwell Free Library. Image credit: Bob Speel. Theatre Delicatessen are working with Southwark Council to transform Camberwell Free Library, also known as the Passmore Edwards Old Library or simply the Old Library. Situated in the middle of Burgess Park, bisecting it North South on Wells Way, this marks the first phase to transform [...]

Plaza Latina 2016

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Plaza Latina, 2016. Photo Credit: Zoe Tynan-Campbell. London’s best Latin festival, bringing exotic, authentic vibes to Elephant and Castle. – Carnaval del Pueblo For the seventh year running, Carnaval del Pueblo threw street celebration Plaza Latina, bringing Latin America to East Street this year. Nursery Row Park became a Latin Barrio for [...]

Largactyl Shuffle

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CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle Midnight Walk, 21 June 2014. Photo credit: Matthew Mckenzie. CoolTan Arts organise a monthly walk, the Largactyl Shuffle, open to all. The walks are prepared by the Largactyl Shuffle volunteer group, who research a new theme for every excursion, bringing together the route with content drawn from the surroundings. Subjects are varied, [...]

The Mobile Meadow

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The Mobile Meadow Seedling Walk. Photo credit-Gorm-Ashurst In March 2014, The Mobile Gardeners invited the public to plant up wild flowers around Elephant and Castle. The main sites were outdoors at Siobhan Davies Dance, Charlotte Sharman Primary School and Wansey Street Pocket Park. In March volunteers gathered to sprinkle and sow wild flower seedlings in containers [...]

Ambient Jam workshops with Entelechy Arts

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Memory and Place, Ambient Jam. Image credit: Pari Naderi. The Ambient Jam multi-sensory workshops provided a creative space, blending improvisation, social dance and live movement. They were designed to be accessible to all generations and abilities. Homebound older people, their families and their carers were especially welcome. Ambient Jam is a collaborative project [...]