Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre 1986
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DIY Gallery

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DIY Gallery was a temporary exhibition and project space housed on the first floor of the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre for three months during 1986. The gallery was run by artists including Chris Saunders, Matt Hale, Lucy Spaniel, Sarah Jones, Keith Coventry and Andrea Fraser who presented solo and group shows of their own [...]


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Elefest is special because it celebrates one of the most maligned and misunderstood areas of London, we created Elefest to celebrate the cultural and creative diversity of the area and the people who live in it. – Rob Wray, director Elefest A free festival which has been held annually since 2003, based in multiple [...]

ASC Gallery at Erlang House

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[ASC gallery spaces] provide a platform for resident artists to show their own work or curate others’ work. ASC project spaces are managed by artists within each building with the support of ASC. – Artists Studio Company Artist Studio Company managed over 40 artists in studio spaces and an exhibition space in Erlang House at [...]

From a Distance

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Rights: Paul Reas An exhibition of photographs by the documentary photographer Paul Reas, held at London College of Communication. The series was commissioned as part of The Elephant Vanishes project, portraying Elephant and Castle amidst change and large-scale urban transformation. The Elephant Vanishes was a six-year photographic research project based out of the MA Photojournalism [...]

Walking In My Shoes

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Some of the shoes held in the Cuming Museum's Collection. An exhibition based on the footwear collection at the Cuming Museum, which explored the real journeys young people make around Southwark. 50 pairs of historic shoes from the museum's collection were shown alongside mapping, designs and artworks telling the stories created by young artists. The [...]

Lost Southwark

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An exhibition of the lost buildings of Southwark, including Bert Hardy's collection of photographs of Elephant and Castle taken in the early 20th Century. Due to the exhibition's popularity due to its topical appeal with significant local redevelopment plans afoot, a second exhibition "Pictures, Places, People: Elephant to Camberwell" followed in 2011 which directly focused on and [...]

Pictures, Places, People: Elephant to Camberwell

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An exhibition of artworks and historic photographs depicting Elephant & Castle, Walworth and Camberwell held in the Southwark and Cuming Museum Collections. Some 196 pieces were on display, some brought out for public display for the first time in 25 years. The show was put together in response to the substantial popular appeal of the Cuming Museum [...]

A Feminist Space Is…

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Cover, A Feminist Space Is... A Feminist Space Is... exhibition was held at the The Feminist Library in 2014. A zine produced by Feminist Graphic Arts documents the show and artwork, bringing together work by international artists and collectives including Allison Kotsig, Emma Shula, Jessica Scott, Kamila Wasilkowska, Louise Evans, Luana Venuti, Melita Matovic Fligler, Otilia Martin, Patricia Prieto Blanco, Sara Kelly, SQUID, Susana Mata, Ursula Hart. [...]

After Astra

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The Feminist Library held an evening of poetry and readings based on material drawn from The Feminist Library’s archive and Feminist Library activist, artist and poet Astra Blaug (1927–2015). Astra's work and poetry was recited and on display alongside work by invited artists. The event was held at South London Gallery and formed a part of Rhyme and Reason music [...]

Cuming: A Natural Selection

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Exhibition image, Cuming: A Natural Selection. Image credits: Peckham Platform/the artist. In summer of 2015, artist Janetka Platun collaborated with the Cuming Museum, Peckham Platform and local women's groups and families to create work inspired by the Cuming Museum's collection and by the fire which forced it to close in May 2013. Janetka worked [...]