David Hepher 20 Oct 2016
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Concrete Elegy

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Constantinople by David Hepher, 2012. Oil, acrylic, inkjet and concrete on canvas. Flowers East. An exhibition of major paintings by David Hepher, exploring suburban house-fronts and monumental tower-blocks and incorporating real architectural materials such as concrete and wallpaper. For more than fifty years, Hepher has painted domestic buildings, from suburban houses to modern tower [...]

Crossing Centuries: Southwark Art Collection Works by Women Artists 1830 to 2000


Crossing Centuries, Works by Women Artists 1830 to 2000 from the Southwark Art Collection. Image rights: ASC Gallery/Southwark Art Collection. Celebrating a century of Women’s International Day, this exhibition highlights historic, modern and contemporary work by women artists in the Southwark Art Collection. Through selected themes and genres, art by women working [...]

635×308 [Heygate Abstracted]

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635x308 [Heygate Abstracted]. Image rights: Simon Kennedy. Heygate Abstracted is the result of numerous visits by Simon Kennedy to the Heygate Estate throughout 2010. A large format camera was used to photograph and re-photograph specific views and locations around the public areas of the estate. An exhibition of the photographs took place at [...]