The Feminist Library 15 Jun 2016
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After Astra

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The Feminist Library held an evening of poetry and readings based on material drawn from The Feminist Library’s archive and Feminist Library activist, artist and poet Astra Blaug (1927–2015). Astra's work and poetry was recited and on display alongside work by invited artists. The event was held at South London Gallery and formed a part of Rhyme and Reason music [...]

Camberwell Free Library

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Camberwell Free Library. Image credit: Bob Speel. Theatre Delicatessen are working with Southwark Council to transform Camberwell Free Library, also known as the Passmore Edwards Old Library or simply the Old Library. Situated in the middle of Burgess Park, bisecting it North South on Wells Way, this marks the first phase to transform [...]

The Mobile Meadow

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The Mobile Meadow Seedling Walk. Photo credit-Gorm-Ashurst In March 2014, The Mobile Gardeners invited the public to plant up wild flowers around Elephant and Castle. The main sites were outdoors at Siobhan Davies Dance, Charlotte Sharman Primary School and Wansey Street Pocket Park. In March volunteers gathered to sprinkle and sow wild flower seedlings in containers [...]

Flashing Bodies Action Seven: ‘Quiet Revolution’

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Flashing Bodies Action Seven QR5 'Quiet Revolution'. Image: Completely Naked. There may not be anything we can do to stop it; but we still have our voice and we can work together as a pressure group. Let's not make it easy for them! Completely Naked made a public call to create the [...]


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Haystack, 2008. Image: Tom Wolseley. At the coming of the season, Tom Wolseley conceived and executed Haystack I. Over two days with the help of volunteers, Wolseley cut and gathered with a traditional scythe the recently grown tall grasses of Nursery Row Park meadow. The grasses were pilled high and assembled into a [...]

Ambient Jam workshops with Entelechy Arts

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Memory and Place, Ambient Jam. Image credit: Pari Naderi. The Ambient Jam multi-sensory workshops provided a creative space, blending improvisation, social dance and live movement. They were designed to be accessible to all generations and abilities. Homebound older people, their families and their carers were especially welcome. Ambient Jam is a collaborative project [...]

Beating The Bounds of The Elephant

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Beating the Bounds #3. Photo credit: Jake May. Elephant & Castle doesn’t exist as a political ward, yet it exists in the imagination of people who live and work in the area. ... Beating the Bounds is an ancient English custom in which a priest and members of the community, armed with [...]

Illumination Rig Elephant & Castle

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Image credit: Graham Gussin. Illumination Rig starts with a basic premise, turning money into light, it is in this sense an event, an occasion where consumption and transformation are made conspicuous. – extract from 'Outside Objects' by Charles Danby, 2014 Illumination Rig Elephant & Castle was presented as part of Animated Environments, an [...]

400 Speeches

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400 Speeches poster ‘400 Speeches’ was a day of readings, conversations and performances by local artists and activists at the Heygate Estate in June 2013. Spoken word, singing and movement The programme included the first public screening of the documentary ‘Up the Elephant’, 2002, by Julie Speechley, which critically investigates the early [...]

Going Home: The Odyssey

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The Odyssey, Nigel of Bermondsey. Image rights: Studio at the Elephant. Drawing inspiration from Sarah Butler and Eva Sajovic's residency at The Cuming Museum entitled Collecting Home, a processional event was devised by Vanessa Woolf and Nigel of Bermondsey around Elephant and Castle Roundabout on the theme Going Home. Woolf recounted a new version of The Odyssey whilst participants walked over, [...]