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Tom Wolseley 24 Oct 2008 — 25 Oct 2008
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Haystack, 2008. Image: Tom Wolseley. At the coming of the season, Tom Wolseley conceived and executed Haystack I. Over two days with the help of volunteers, Wolseley cut and gathered with a traditional scythe the recently grown tall grasses of Nursery Row Park meadow. The grasses were pilled high and assembled into a [...]

Motion 2: Here Comes Everybody

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Window Concert on Arnside Street, August 2012. Image: Nela Milic and People seemed to have disappeared from these council’s, developers’ and even arts’ projects on regeneration. So, I engaged with people by opening the ground floor window of the space I was working in. – Nela Milic, a housing cooperative group off [...]

Illumination Rig Elephant & Castle

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Image credit: Graham Gussin. Illumination Rig starts with a basic premise, turning money into light, it is in this sense an event, an occasion where consumption and transformation are made conspicuous. – extract from 'Outside Objects' by Charles Danby, 2014 Illumination Rig Elephant & Castle was presented as part of Animated Environments, an [...]

Collecting Home: Cuming Museum artists-in-residence

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Collecting Home rotating display. People's Bureau photographic project in behind. Image credit: People's Bureau Artist Eva Sajovic and writer Sarah Butler were invited to be the inaugural artists-in-residence at the Cuming Museum. The residency was devised to act as a research, representation and communication platform, entitled Collecting Home. Notions of 'home' where explored and expanded through [...]

Going Home: The Odyssey

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The Odyssey, Nigel of Bermondsey. Image rights: Studio at the Elephant. Drawing inspiration from Sarah Butler and Eva Sajovic's residency at The Cuming Museum entitled Collecting Home, a processional event was devised by Vanessa Woolf and Nigel of Bermondsey around Elephant and Castle Roundabout on the theme Going Home. Woolf recounted a new version of The Odyssey whilst participants walked over, [...]

The People’s Bureau: Moose on the Loose

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Elephant and Castle Maypole. Image credit: The Peoples Bureau. People's Bureau were invited to be part of Moose on the Loose festival 2015 for a week-long artist residency. They installed their skills exchange cart to the Ground Floor space at London College of Communication, holding workshops and events. The residency culminated in a Maypole dance [...]

Studio at the Elephant Artist-in-Residence

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Image credit: Zoë Burt/Studio At The Elephant To bring awareness of it being climate change week, Zoë Burt will be hosting a free cyanotype workshop at Studio at the Elephant. Help make a unique photogram in the shape of our planet – the beautiful blue marble. What would be your unique contribution [...]

The Elephant Den

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Image rights: PLATS/Studio at The Elephant A workshop run by PLATS design collective around the building of a big cardboard map complete with a den inside. Add your your home, school or your favourite places to our map. Or, you can just crawl inside the Elephant's den and write or draw your [...]

Encontrando Latino-America en El Elephant: Raquel Villar Perez, Studio at the Elephant Artist-in-Residence

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Finding Home. Image rights: Raquel Villar Perez. Encontrando Latino-America en El Elephant, or Finding Latin-America at The Elephant is a collaborative project between Raquel Villar-Pérez and Latin-American women living or working at the Elephant area, we will draw the relationships between the different places of provenance and the Elephant & Castle through [...]

LAWAS: Latin American Workers at The Elephant

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LAWAS at Studio at the Elephant. Image credit: Studio at the Elephant. Trabajadores Latinoamericanos en The Elephant, or Latin American Workers at The Elephant, is a project that will be based at The Studio at the Elephant at the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre from April 10th to 30th. As an organization, [...]