Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre 1986

DIY Gallery

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DIY Gallery was a temporary exhibition and project space housed on the first floor of the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre for three months during 1986. The gallery was run by artists including Chris Saunders, Matt Hale, Lucy Spaniel, Sarah Jones, Keith Coventry and Andrea Fraser who presented solo and group shows of their own [...]

The Odeon

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Odeon at Alexander Fleming House (now Metro Central Heights). The Odeon, now demolished, was built as part of Alexander Fleming House complex (now renamed Metro Central Heights), designed by Erno Goldfinger. The Odeon was built as a replacement for the 3,500-seat Trocadero Cinema, which stood near the site, demolished due to the [...]

Samten Kyil, The Tibetan Garden of Contemplation and Peace

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A garden designed by architect Guy Stansfeld with sculptures by Hamish Horsley, commissioned by the Tibet Foundation. Samten Kyil, or, Place of Contemplation, is set within the Northern area of Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park in the grounds of the Imperial War Museum. The garden is in dedication to the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet. [...]

See Red Women’s Workshop

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'Bite The Hand That "Feeds" You". See Red Women's Workshop. See Red Women's Workshop was a feminist print collective based at Illife Yard, Walworth, from 1974 to 1990. The group assembled in protest against the dominant visual imagery of women as portrayed in the media and advertising. See Red produced predominantly silk-screened posters and focused on [...]

ASC Gallery at Erlang House

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[ASC gallery spaces] provide a platform for resident artists to show their own work or curate others’ work. ASC project spaces are managed by artists within each building with the support of ASC. – Artists Studio Company Artist Studio Company managed over 40 artists in studio spaces and an exhibition space in Erlang House at [...]

Corsica Studios

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Corsica Studios. Image credit: Fresh To Death. It’s church for all these disparate musical communities that keep London exciting." Luke Turner, The Quietus Operating under two arches of Elephant and Castle's rail station since 2002, Corsica Studios is a forward thinking arts and music venue. First known as Corsica Arts Club, holding exhibitions, performances and [...]

The Paperworks

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Photo credit: Toby Keane. The Paperworks was a meanwhile space for arts and music, in operation for the summer of 2014 and July 2015, an open-air yard off of Newington Causeway. Primarily used as a daytime venue hosting house, techno and disco DJs, it was run and managed by nearby Corsica Studios.

Changing Landscapes

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The Hotel Elephant screening programme, 'Changing Landscapes,' selected archive films and footage focusing on large-scale building projects across London from the 1960s and 1970s. The films were shown courtesy of The London Metropolitan Archives in Hotel Elephant's pop-up cinema on their previous site located off of Newington Causeway. The screening featured 'Changing Face of London', 1960, a short [...]

Heygate Pop-up Cinema

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Heygate pop-up cinema opening night, 25 September 2015. Heygate Pop-up Cinema's opening night screened the short film Doreen by filmmaking duo David Reeve and Patrick Steel as well as a preview segment of Reeve and Steel's feature-length documentary, Larry & Janet Move Out. Both films focus on close-up character portraits of residents of the estate, at [...]

Camberwell Free Library

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Camberwell Free Library. Image credit: Bob Speel. Theatre Delicatessen are working with Southwark Council to transform Camberwell Free Library, also known as the Passmore Edwards Old Library or simply the Old Library. Situated in the middle of Burgess Park, bisecting it North South on Wells Way, this marks the first phase to transform [...]