Women’s Design + Research Unit 25 Jul 2006
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Handing Down The Memory Cloth

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Exhibition Poster. Image: WD+RU. Handing Down the Memory Cloth was launched by Women’s Design + Research Unit at London College of Communication […]

Encontrando Latino-America en El Elephant: Raquel Villar Perez, Studio at the Elephant Artist-in-Residence

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Finding Home. Image rights: Raquel Villar Perez. Encontrando Latino-America en El Elephant, or Finding Latin-America at The Elephant is a collaborative project between Raquel Villar-Pérez and Latin-American women living or working at the Elephant area, we will draw the relationships between the different places of provenance and the Elephant & Castle through [...]

LAWAS: Latin American Workers at The Elephant

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LAWAS at Studio at the Elephant. Image credit: Studio at the Elephant. Trabajadores Latinoamericanos en The Elephant, or Latin American Workers at The Elephant, is a project that will be based at The Studio at the Elephant at the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre from April 10th to 30th. As an organization, [...]