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A Feminist Space Is…

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Cover, A Feminist Space Is... A Feminist Space Is... exhibition was held at the The Feminist Library in 2014. A zine produced by Feminist Graphic Arts documents the show and artwork, bringing together work by international artists and collectives including Allison Kotsig, Emma Shula, Jessica Scott, Kamila Wasilkowska, Louise Evans, Luana Venuti, Melita Matovic Fligler, Otilia Martin, Patricia Prieto Blanco, Sara Kelly, SQUID, Susana Mata, Ursula Hart. [...]

After Astra

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The Feminist Library held an evening of poetry and readings based on material drawn from The Feminist Library’s archive and Feminist Library activist, artist and poet Astra Blaug (1927–2015). Astra's work and poetry was recited and on display alongside work by invited artists. The event was held at South London Gallery and formed a part of Rhyme and Reason music [...]

Cuming: A Natural Selection

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Exhibition image, Cuming: A Natural Selection. Image credits: Peckham Platform/the artist. In summer of 2015, artist Janetka Platun collaborated with the Cuming Museum, Peckham Platform and local women's groups and families to create work inspired by the Cuming Museum's collection and by the fire which forced it to close in May 2013. Janetka worked [...]

Elefest 2013

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Elefest has been an ongoing event since 2003, bringing together films, music and people over several days in and around Elephant and Castle. 2013 events included the only UK screening of the restored Jamaican cult film The Harder They Come with a DJ set by Don Letts, pop-up market by TheStockMKT, pop-up ping pong in the Shopping Centre, the UK [...]

Plaza Latina 2016

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Plaza Latina, 2016. Photo Credit: Zoe Tynan-Campbell. London’s best Latin festival, bringing exotic, authentic vibes to Elephant and Castle. – Carnaval del Pueblo For the seventh year running, Carnaval del Pueblo threw street celebration Plaza Latina, bringing Latin America to East Street this year. Nursery Row Park became a Latin Barrio for [...]

The Elephant Rooms

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A wandering art space occupying various empty shop units Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre throughout 2009. The roaming gallery was instigated by Corsica Studios founder Amanda Moss and brought together local art practitioners for week-long residencies within the shopping centre.

Sentient City

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Still, Sentient City, 2013. Image credit: Tom Wolseley Sentient City is a video piece that transects London, shot between Hackney Road in the east and Walworth Road in the south, with a narrative that juxtaposes the personal, economic and political processes of the city. … A 30 minute slow tracking shot of [...]

Mind Map of Anti-Nuclear Protest

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‘Embrace the Base’ - 30,000 women link hands, completely surrounding the nine mile perimeter fence at RAF/USAF Greenham Common, Berkshire, 1982. Image rights: Edward Barber. Alongside the major exhibition 'Peace Signs' by Edward Barber, the IWM has commissioned a new graphic installation by Barber, 'Mind Map of Anti-Nuclear Protest'. This new work draws together [...]

Hotel Elephant at the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre


Our Condemned Area 1929. Image: Ruben Powell. Ruben Powell as was artist-in-residence in Unit 238 of Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre in 2008, showing a series of his mixed-media works. The exhibition was the first incarnation of Hotel Elephant, of which Ruben is director, has expanded as a platform for local people and [...]

The Elephant and Castle Tin Paintings


Disused Garage, Walworth Road. Image rights: Ruben Powell. Series of mixed-media works on paper, depicting the contemporary urban landscape, buildings pending demolishion and building works around Elephant and Castle and Walworth. The works were exhibited at the former Autocar garage on Newington Causeway to coincide with the London Festival of Architecture, June 2010. Works include Heygate [...]