Siobhan Davies Dance, Entelechy Arts, The People’s Bureau Jan 2016 — Mar 2016
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Elephant & Castle: Memory And Place

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Memory and Place at Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, 19th March 2016. Image credit: The People's Bureau. Siobhan Davies Dance, Entelechy Arts and The People’s Bureau together with local day centres and community groups in Southwark collaborated to create a durational dance piece performed at the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre on [...]


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Poster, Astate. isik.knutsdotter / Fourthland. An exhibition of material and durational event by Fourthland hosted at on Arnside Street. In the format of a live research event, it was held to explore publicly work amassed by the collective across three London areas of Walworth, Wick and Wenlock from 2008-2012. was "an organisation, [...]

Cuming: A Natural Selection

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Exhibition image, Cuming: A Natural Selection. Image credits: Peckham Platform/the artist. In summer of 2015, artist Janetka Platun collaborated with the Cuming Museum, Peckham Platform and local women's groups and families to create work inspired by the Cuming Museum's collection and by the fire which forced it to close in May 2013. Janetka worked [...]

The Mobile Meadow

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The Mobile Meadow Seedling Walk. Photo credit-Gorm-Ashurst In March 2014, The Mobile Gardeners invited the public to plant up wild flowers around Elephant and Castle. The main sites were outdoors at Siobhan Davies Dance, Charlotte Sharman Primary School and Wansey Street Pocket Park. In March volunteers gathered to sprinkle and sow wild flower seedlings in containers [...]

Ambient Jam workshops with Entelechy Arts

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Memory and Place, Ambient Jam. Image credit: Pari Naderi. The Ambient Jam multi-sensory workshops provided a creative space, blending improvisation, social dance and live movement. They were designed to be accessible to all generations and abilities. Homebound older people, their families and their carers were especially welcome. Ambient Jam is a collaborative project [...]

Spare Street

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Image: Andrew Dawes, Zoda Architects Ltd. Our mission is to establish Spare Street as a destination which celebrates and encourages Creative Enterprise and Artistic production in Southwark. A key part of this was Hotel Elephant naming this new street - which quite literally puts it on the map! – Reuben Powell, director, Hotel [...]

Motion 2: Here Comes Everybody

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Window Concert on Arnside Street, August 2012. Image: Nela Milic and People seemed to have disappeared from these council’s, developers’ and even arts’ projects on regeneration. So, I engaged with people by opening the ground floor window of the space I was working in. – Nela Milic, a housing cooperative group off [...]

Collecting Home: Cuming Museum artists-in-residence

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Collecting Home rotating display. People's Bureau photographic project in behind. Image credit: People's Bureau Artist Eva Sajovic and writer Sarah Butler were invited to be the inaugural artists-in-residence at the Cuming Museum. The residency was devised to act as a research, representation and communication platform, entitled Collecting Home. Notions of 'home' where explored and expanded through [...]

The People’s Bureau

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Skills Exchange Poster. Image credit: The People's Bureau. The People's Bureau is a space for exchange of skills and needs. It is based in a dedicated shopping cart at the Elephant&Castle shopping centre. The project’s aim is to create a pool of collective local knowledge through exchange, a supporting network of different [...]

Reading Workshop with Prof Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

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Reading session with Prof Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, May 2015. Image credit: People's Bureau. A reading session and story-led walk conducted by Prof Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Professor of Law and Theory at the University of Westminster. The event took place around the People's Bureau Shopping Cart installed on the first floor landing of Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre accross from Jenny's Cafe. My Corridors [...]