Project Description

Blackfriars Photography Project set out to convey the political and social discontent palpable to them in mid-80’s Britain. They did so through looking locally, recording community activities and political events taking place in South London, mainly in Southwark and Lambeth. Currently, the only documented material output of the collective is a four part documentary series completed in 1986. In July 1994, the project closed as a result of its funding being withdrawn.

The Traps for Women, three of four a four part documentary film, scrutinises areas in women’s lives and livelihoods, questioning the “woman’s sphere”, from job choices, the pay gap, marriage, motherhood, through to the portrayal of women in the media. The Traps for Women is preceded by The Tale of Two Sexes and The Early Years, and followed by Changing Ourselves.

The Project was started through the Blackfriars Settlement; originally known as the Women’s University Settlement, the organisation was one of the first to be founded as part of the settlement reform movement to provide social services and education to local migrant workers and families. The settlement continues to this day, providing diverse services to the local community and is based at its original address, off of Blackfriars Road, SE1.