Project Description

We invite you to discover it by taking in its walkways and explore its environment through videos and 360 panoramic photos. Enter one of the boarded up building to visits its homes, look at an interactive video to meet its former residents and those who are planning its future, discover how life used to be when the Estate was inhabited and find out why it is now abandoned. Visit the Common Room to explore the estate’s Theatre of Memory and contribute to a shared history of this contested site by publishing your own material and partaking in the conversation. – Ghost Town

An online interactive work created by the director of ‘Home Sweet Home’ in collaboration with The Swarn, in which the participant enters a digitally mapped world of Elephant and Castle. The aim of the project is to engage in new means of exploring through a critical gaze the fabric and viewpoints of regeneration processes and facts on the ground.

The project mines the extensive digital video archives Colusso amassed during the shooting of feature film ‘Home Sweet Home’ (90mins, 2012), over 200 hours shot over four years.