Project Description

Image rights: Tom Wolesley.

Image rights: Tom Wolesley.

I have been walking through this estate for ten years, over the aerial walkways, to the tube from my house. It is the scenic route when I have time. I have enjoyed the multitude of contradictions it somehow brings to mind, between desires for utopia in its conception to the entropy that followed.

… The running gives a sense of urgency, a chase scene, a rushed documentation as well as making explicit the body behind the camera in this utopian/dystopian space. The images like flashes of memory or a brief vision of the future question the linearity of vision born during two world wars, and the desire to transcend this history for a new utopia. The breathing and running soundtrack foreground a sense of the body in space that somehow seems absent in the incorporeal vision of a modernist future.

– Tom Wolseley

‘In memory of the future’  is a 5 mins video loop made on the Hetgate Estate in 2008 by Wolseley. The short was screened in a unit at the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre.