Project Description


Window Concert on Arnside Street, August 2012. Image: Nela Milic and

People seemed to have disappeared from these council’s, developers’ and even arts’ projects on regeneration. So, I engaged with people by opening the ground floor window of the space I was working in.

– Nela Milic, a housing cooperative group off of Walworth Road, invited the artist Nela Milic for a residency in the summer of 2012 to respond to the surrounding area. The work developed out of a series of encounters she made, beginning initially through happenstance, through her window. Greetings turned into conversations and the open window became invitation of a series of planned and unplanned encounters between the street and the studio. The photos, text and recordings gathered of this momentary locus serves as evidence and reflection of the powerlessness of daily life being interrupted and changed forever by the regeneration works.

This work is the result of a ten day residency hosted at, off of Walworth Road in South London. was an organisation, a collective and space which kept the shifting tectonics of the local area as focus of their activities.