Project Description

‘Embrace the Base’ – 30,000 women link hands, completely surrounding the nine mile perimeter fence at RAF/USAF Greenham Common, Berkshire, 1982. Image rights: Edward Barber.

Alongside the major exhibition ‘Peace Signs’ by Edward Barber, the IWM has commissioned a new graphic installation by Barber, ‘Mind Map of Anti-Nuclear Protest’. This new work draws together individual and collective responses to war as artwork and social record.

The Edward Barber’s collected photographic works following the anti-nuclear protest movement in Britain in 1980’s, were shown in a stand-alone exhibition held at the Imperial War Museum in summer 2016. The body of work gathered together for this show, ‘Peace Signs’, depicts the people, places and politics of the protests held against the presence of American nuclear missiles in the UK, including key events such as the Greenham Common protests and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament rallies.